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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FRANCE still 'HOT'

Bloemfontein - Angry by action coach, Raymond Domenech abandon it at the last Group A match against South Africa yesterday, the captain of France, Patrice Evra promises to uncover the real problems of France to lead to the removal of former world champion at the 2010 World Cup.

Evra, among six key pillars Domenech dismissed in a match which saw the 1998 world champion lost 1-2 to the host.

The action was prompted by protests launched by the French players, led by Evra in protest against the repatriation striker, Nicolas Anelka.

Firm Evra, Domenech action was denied the opportunity to apologize to the supporters of French by providing commendable performance in the final match.

"I will reveal everything, what happened during my office team leader. The people of France need to hear explanations about what causes chaos occurs.

"What I experienced is true that what happens, I will do that (disclosure) as soon as possible, whether it be a press conference or interview.

"I share the pain of the people of France. Tonight (Sunday) should be an opportunity to apologize, but it was denied after I stopped the action by the coach,''said a clearly Evra can not hide his anger.

According Evra, everything will be revealed no later than this weekend. French team depart today.

"This failure is cause, some things will be revealed. However, if the people of France still refuses to give forgiveness, at least they know the real thing,''said another Evra.

According to Evra, the players also refused to accept the bonus, but will not take even a penny of sponsorship money due to humiliation happens in the World Cup.

Evra was added Domenech prevented from attending the press conference by a match against South Africa, Monday, in which the coach was present alone, and making stupid statements because his players launched a protest action.

French World Cup campaign begins with a 0-0 draw with Uruguay, before humiliated 2-0 by Mexico in the second game. - AP

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