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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Robinho struggles more and more like Kaká

Manchester City fans might not believe it, but Robinho is the new darling of the Brazilian FIFA World Cup ™. With Kaka not on all cylinders after a difficult season at Real Madrid, Robinho was increasingly seen as key to increase Brazil in the hope of sixth world title perceived.

Former Madrid, without a doubt the man appeared in the document with the slide-rule pass to secure pleasure, deliver Elano goal in a 2-1 victory against North Korea. Baby-Face Robinho is now approching the international scene, a veteran with 71 caps, made his bow in 2003. He already holds a CONMEBOL Copa America, Confederations Cup and the Cup.

But the club, which was blown hot and cold. Two championships with Real Madrid was followed by a dead year for Manchester City. Well, the loan to Santos, Pele's former club, who have charged the batteries, sometimes seemed semi-Eastlands seems drained. "I'm in a really good place right now and I want to continue to improve," said Robinho.

This is music to the ears of Dunga, who is generous in his praise of his interest. "Robinho can play multiple positions and I am very pleased to do with the way you do."

After the game against North Korea, Robinho said that "For me it would not be a problem if I had to play the position a little further - I played there and had no problems."

Robinho showed his value in the Copa America in 2007, when he helped Brazil to in the absence of Kaka, who won since the number 10 shirt, which has mythical qualities because of its association with Pele, the victory.

Robinho, number 11 in the World Cup team, is a native Kaka qualities. "It's great - you can a game on his own victory in his time," said Robinho. But he insisted that "Brazil excellent players who can come, has."

Julio Baptista has been trained very well and can act as Kaka as he has in the Copa America to take over, "he said Robinho. Others try to enter are from 11 Michel Bastos Lyon and Daniel Alves, who both can get a job in the middle of the park.

After establishing itself as one of the world players are Robinho has big ambitions. "My main goal - and the group - to be world champion," he said.

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