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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Arsenal back shift the focus in the campaign domestic.

WIGAN - Liga's predecessor England's Prime, Arsenal back shift the focus in the campaign domestic.

Still fresh with the success remove AC Milan in the campaign Champions League last week, squad operate Arsene Wenger that certain to get best tonic when to face Wigan in Stadium JJB today.

However, Wenger do not want his subordinate continued to be swung passed success while regard their struggle still not yet completed.

When Arsenal's nearest challenger, Manchester United did not wade league action this week, The Gunners's squad that seen hopeful to return widen eye space.

Currently, Arsenal and United only differentiated with a point after respectively wading 28 match.

If Arsenal affords create victory up Wigan, of course design own four points advantage up United.

"It one second quite stunning when we beat AC Milan to rival Champions League.

"But back in action Liga's in the campaign Prime and crossed easy Wigan.." clear Wenger.

Meanwhile, Arsenal's pillar, Mathieu Flamini says, his team expected to face difficult task when visit to court opponent.

"It sure a big fight but we must continue in the campaign mission see. It will be great one second if we attract on winning Wigan," said Flamini.

Meanwhile, Arsenal expected back get service several main pillar it those who were previously experience injury.

Robin van Persie no act since last December would be busted while Kolo Toure and Tomas Rosicky also are expected deep eleventh major Arsenal.

"We face injury problem player them but can now act and it make a positive development.

"This inside the team spirit sufficiently great and we should disabuse present rhythm. Currently, we should in the match focus in Wigan and attract victory there," said mastermind Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas. - AFP

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