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Friday, March 21, 2008

Ronaldo as great as Best

MANCHESTER - Player genius. That is title which now given to those Cristiano Ronaldo after Pertugal's winger that successfully overcome web log George Best club internal history Manchester United.

Two goals scored Ronaldo to rival Liga England's Prime opposed Bolton yesterday enable him collect collection 33 goal this season, simultaneously overcome total 32 goal which does Best with United to season 1967-68.

More proud more, victory 2-0 sketch in Old Trafford that succeed put comfortable United as league predecessor with 70 eye, points three overcome nearest challenger, Arsenal.

United's integrity as defending champion however designate test when opposed Liverpool, this Sunday.

"Second goal which does so extraordinary Ronaldo," clear manager Bolton, Gary Megson refers to network through a free kick which does Ronaldo.

"Me in person it no know how him doing him. In fact my son also spoke on the subject."

Ferguson also praised Ronaldo who was chosen as skipper the in the match after Gary Neville's absence, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney.

"He not face problem to do it," said Ferguson when ask how Ronaldo's reaction when given the task as team captain.

"Him look comfortable with the responsibility. Network second that sufficiently attractive."

Ferguson also confident Ronaldo affords become successors to legend Best.

"It said of ability the player (overcome record)," he said.

"Fabulous because he can do it although stay to the position. I confident there was nobody can do him today." - AFP

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