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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lampard no will migrate

LONDON - Chelsea's manager, Avram Grant firms that he will do anything to make sure his midfield player, permanent Frank Lampard with squad The Blues.

Previously, Lampard's position reported shake after Chelsea interested in getting central mastermind service Brazilian now act with club Werder Breman, Diego.

However, four goals Lampard's helps when help Chelsea belts Derby 6-1 to action Liga England's Prime yesterday, simultaneously back given confidence to Grant.

"We has made forward for season planning and I am confident he (Lampard) no will migrate. I am confident on this subject. Frank tells wanted him with this club and Chelsea still need it," said Grant.

"I am confident you (media) will to ask me on this subject for the period few weeks but what me tell you three-month go, I speak again.

"Club want him on permanent, he also wanted stay in this club, was no change. Of negotiation, it is not my task."

This season, Lampard has scored 17 goal and he considered among valuable player in squad coach operand from Israel that.

"Frank is a player that paramount importance for the team and through he season that is very good. Any player who plays such difficult to seek spare," said Grant.

Meanwhile, urgent Lampard Chelsea to expedite his new contract.

"Until today, I still have yet to receive new offer anything. In the early season, I do not want to discuss about the contract because want give attention on field," said Lampard.

Lampard says, he no intend to leave Chelsea even though media reports that he future migrate to different clubs.

"I already told on this matter. I happy act with this club and want on remain here," increase Lampard. - Agency

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