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Sunday, July 20, 2008

World Cup: Brazilian South Africa's spare?

MADRID - International Football Federation (FIFA) currently in the discussion with authoritative body in Brazil concerns the country like replace South Africa as the organiser World Cup 2010.

"Follow the procedure, South America's country would be picked as the host World Cup 2014 and Brazil becomes first choice only South Africa no host the championship that in the year 2010," clear sports bulletin report Spain, US yesterday.

"FIFA also already inform to South African government and decide about the possibility entitle pengajur to Persekutuan Bola Sepak Brazil."

Like that, South Africa explained that design rest assured in order to be first African nation host the championship prestigious that even face delay from the aspect construction of stadium.

Yet, FIFA's president, Sepp Blatter unveils month go that he will make utterly incapable Pelan B seandainya Afrika Selatan to host World Cup in the year 2010.

"I my sense not carry duty as president if I had no Pelan B to resolve this situation," clear Blatter.

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