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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Arsenal wary of Chelsea threat at Stamford Bridge

London - Chelsea Midfielder, Michael Ballack (picture) remind friends in team to be more alert to the threat of Arsenal when the two teams berentap in the Prime League action in England Stamford Bridge tomorrow.

Clearly, Ballack, who is now in crisis haunt Arsenal could give confidence to the extraordinary skuad The Gunners sink to the challenges the Blues.

Considered a landmark defense, William Gallas dilucutkan position as Arsenal captain by open criticism of French international stars made it to a friend sepasukannya weeks ago.

For Chelsea, they need a victory at the stadium tomorrow to widen its own position as the precursor, once need to restrict the opportunities Arsenal Champions league title this season.

I, Ballack admitted that the precarious situation which is the actual threat of Arsenal's most bitter for the Blues.

"We hope we can defeat them (Arsenal)," explained the German national captain skuad it.

"Arsenal are now berdepan various problems, but he still gives us a threat this time.

"We need to be aware that Arsenal is the Birthday of the more dangerous again after our decision with a series of Bordeaux (in the Champions League action-champions)."

The Chelsea manager, LUIZ Felipe Scolari will not punish the Didier Drogba.

Before this, the web site gazzetta dello Sport reported that the attacker Ivory Coast international had a meeting with pengawai Birthday Inter Milan.

Drogba has reportedly met with Inter sports directors, Marco Branca and Jorge Mendes, agents to the Inter manager, José Mourinho.

Strengthening the report again when Drogba own conceit that he may leave Stamford Bridge.

However, Scolari is the first guide Chelsea at the beginning of this season did not intend any special meeting de Droga it discusses issues for the learner .

For Scolari, Drogba believes he still has a commitment with the predecessor League of England players, although it is subject to delay counterwork ekoran three incidents throw money to the referees syiling Burnley early this month.

"I do not know about (pertemu an Drogba with Inter). What I know he will not act this week," Scolari clearly referring to pertembungan Chelsea and Arsenal at Stamford Bridge tomorrow. - Agencies

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