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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Manchester City is not a threat

London - "Manchester City is not a threat."

It is firmly Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson (picture) that setempatnya neighbor is not able to isolate skuad control of the Red Devils football scene in England.

Birthday city has become the richest in the world after taken over by the millionaire Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mansour.

However City still has not appeared that they truly become pencabar primary campaign in the Prime League of England.

Skuad kendalian Mark Hughes is now occupying the stairs to-11 and simply recorded two victories of the last nine matches.

"Sorry I'm in a position where they (City) now. Create this time Chelsea and Liverpool are in front of us.

"What can be done with the money that Hughes owned the owner?" Ferguson questions.

To reinforce the fact, Ferguson also gave the example of Chelsea, a coin which had success under kendalian Jose Mounrinho.

"When (Chelsea owner) Roman Abramovich gave the funds is sufficient, they (Chelsea) to provide enough impact that club.

"They get the best players the world, and appears the Prime League champion England in the second season in succession.

"However, they also become an example, when property owned will not be able to survive long

The United still hope to recover strikers Dimitar destructive than hamstring injury before the meeting with the City tomorrow.

"I fully expect will be energetic in the resistance against City this Sunday," said destructive.

Destructive to injury when skuad be explored with Bulgarian nationality on the resistance of friendship weeks ago.

"Because hamstring injury, you need to be careful. Kecergasannya I will assess if he will be downgraded or placed in savings later," said Ferguson. - AP

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