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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'The dwarf' determination kill 'the giant' second time

Bucharest - Romania Club midget, CFR Cluj to be once again conduct surprise to the Italian giant, AS Roma when the two teams bertembung rivals in the Champions League champions early-morning tomorrow.

In the first stage group matches, Cluj who did the first time in Europe campaign has been surprising to Rome with a 2-1 victory.

After that, their network without a tie with Chelsea, but two successive defeat to Bordeaux witness Cluj tenant household tercorot Group A.

To bring back the opportunity to whirl up less dead, Cluj there is no other way unless coin to victory over Roma.

Although called tercorot, Cluj still have the opportunity to bring themselves to the brink because the next rotation of each eye in the Group A teams are not large.

When this, Chelsea lead Group A with 7 to collect eyes followed Rome (6) Bordeaux (6) and Cluj (4).

Suppose to win over Roma, Cluj need at least recorded a series of decisions with Chelsea in the last set of matches if batches crave danger to the losers die.

Meanwhile, Rome is certainly not want to continue to accept defeat to Romania Birthday dwarf them.

Act in the face of the opponent is considered a supporter pressure again after their Rome create dimalukan Cluj in the face of persons in Rome September.

However, views of Rome to get time back since and he has certainly gives a fascinating mind and delighted them. - AFP

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