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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Celtic managers wind up

Aalborg - Celtic Manager, Gordon Strachan (picture) delivered with a good sense of achievement insipid display Birthday Scotland was killed when shameful to Aalborg 1-2 in the Champions League campaign, clearly champions.

With the defeat, Celtic have huors of competition and now only occupy ladder tercorot in Group E and cite only two eyes.

"We should have the opportunity to win, but our failure to record a net source of defeat," said Starchan.

"I actually think one goal is enough to help our peril because I do not see them dangerous attacks against us, because it is he very disappointing.

"I can not give an explanation about this, but he repeated once again. Believed to be hard because this evening we better off than them."

Aalborg Manager, Allan Kuhn also said resistance this time is balanced.

"Celtic have some of the best opportunities, and we also have some good opportunities. He is not one of the world's matches in football, but that is life," said Kuhn.

"When you have a brave heart, you certainly have the opportunity to win and I think that is what my players do today." - AFP

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