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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Liverpool bill touch Steven Gerrard

LIVERPOOL - Liverpool bill touch Steven Gerrard for the help they stepped to the rotation less-die Champions League champions.

And Saturday, Gerrard despite the opportunity to help skuad The Reds lead the top rankings of England League Liverpool after the series without a network with Fulham in Harlem.

However, the England players that have been recovered from the thigh muscle injury and will be lowered again if the Liverpool forward to the visits France Birthday, Olympique Marseille early tomorrow morning.

Gerrard appeared to designate the presence of injecting back the spirit of the line of Liverpool sufficient said after the disappointment of failing to indict victory over Fulham.

Milestones for the defense of Liverpool, Jamie Carragher, he did not consider the decision as a negative sign especially after ripping off the Reds this season.

"Of course you want to win this match (against Fulham), but when it does not apply, you may not feel disappointed because it is a difficult one league and I'm sure there are many more matches like this now began to May next," said Carragher.

"The more important is our own decision because in this stage, we can not not see the decision to other people, we just need to focus on ourselves and our level of vigor."

This opinion Carragher also supported by the Liverpool manager, Rafael Benitez.

"We are disappointed last Saturday but we can not talk about the resistance," said penggendali from the Spanish.

"We need to think about the error and why the analysis and seeking solutions to the next match.

"We are disappointed, really disappointed. How do we want to change it now?

"We need analysis and speak with players about the error and tried to change the next match." - AFP

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